The Name

When I was a little girl I grew up going to the beach every summer. My family and I would pick up our bags and get into the car and head out to the beach for a week. This was the trip I eagerly awaited every summer. I could not wait to get to the beach, walk on the boardwalk, and indulge a funnel cake. The greatest times I have had with my family have been at the beach. 

My experiences and knowledge attained from watching documentaries on NatGeo and Discovery Channel about the ocean with my dad led me to develop a great respect for it. For a while I refused to go into the sea, or any body of water in general from fearing its mysteries (I do not do that anymore). I would instead sit on the shore and look out toward the furthest, more distant part of the sea-- the offing.

As I would sit on the shore and look out into the distance on different occasions, many thoughts and feelings flowed into mind. I would see the horizon and I'd think of eternal waters that lay beyond. I would picture a sail boat journeying out toward an undetermined destination. I would see the sun setting, creating a picturesque view through its display of vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and red-- promising a memorable adventure. I found serenity in the offing. I found love and comfort in the offing. I find myself in the offing. 

From the minute I left home and began my life, I sailed toward my own offing and now I am in it.  Not knowing what life has in store for me is quite nerve racking. What keeps me going and what brings me comfort is knowing that there is beauty in the unknown. The offing reminds me there's a purpose to every course in life I take. I should not fear the path I am on. The offing brings me hope and encourages me to endure the waves of life, no matter how big they may get. 

Welcome to my offing. I don't know where I am headed, but I have chosen to share the good and the bad of my adventures with you.

I promise there is more to me than what you can see by the shore.