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Count Your Blessings

Well folks, after having struggled this whole week with writer's block I have finally found inspiration to write about! I'm not going to sugarcoat anything. These past two days and you could even say this week has been pretty suckish. I remembered something my mom had told me. When life throws it's heaviest stones or rocks at you, and you find yourself only focusing on the worst things in life... count your blessings.

I thought I'd share the things I am beyond blessed to have with y'all, so here I go.

Five Things I'm Grateful For

1. The Temple. I am so so so blessed to be able to live a few minutes away from the DC temple (AKA the Disneyland castle of Maryland), and be able to enter it whenever I want. I have found refuge in the temple many times, including today. Whether it's walking on temple grounds or taking part of ordinances within, it NEVER fails to bring peace, love, and faith into my heart. 

2. My job.Yes you read correctly. I love my job. Hear me out …

The Name

Guten abend readers! If you haven't already taken a look at my first blog I invite you to do so before you read this one. 

SO, I imagine some of you have at least questioned why I named my blog "Alicia's Offing". I'm guessing this is the case because I've received messages from friends asking: What does that mean? Or something along those lines. Well I have specifically set a part an entire blog for this purpose and in a matter of sentences... all will be exposed. 

When I was a little girl I grew up going to the beach every summer. My family and I would pick up our bags and get into the car and head out to the beach for a week. This was the trip I eagerly awaited every summer. I couldn't wait to get to the beach, walk on the boardwalk, and indulge a funnel cake. The greatest times I have had with my family have been at the beach. 

My experiences and knowledge attained from watching documentaries on NatGeo and Discovery Channel about the ocean with my dad led…

Introductions, Introductions

Hello all! Welcome to my blog, Alicia's Offing. Starting a blog has been something that's been on my mind for a while now... and by a while I mean it's been on my mind for years. So what changed? I have no clue. I was laying in bed two nights ago at like 1am and I suddenly found myself thinking of a domain and customizing this blog. Life can be full of surprises sometimes.

Well I guess now is about the time that I should tell you who I am. My name is Alicia Quintana, soon to be Sister Quintana (I'll get to that part later). I was born and raised in Maryland, and I've grown to love every minute of it-- even the humidity. I grew up in a relatively small neighborhood, but real close to the city. My childhood consisted of going to the park, falling off my bike, eating lots of ice cream, building houses out of shoe boxes, playing with Bratz, pretending to be Blossom from the PowerPuff Girls, running away from spiders, and obsessing over Webkinz. I grew up going to church…