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A Happily Ever After

Once upon a time. Four words that I love so much because they promise a tale of adventure, struggle, and of course... a happily ever after. 

These past days I have given in to resting. I have been advised: though your mind may be ready to continue routines... your body may not be.  I'm finding that to be unbelievably true. So what have I done to rest? I've watched countless episodes of Once Upon a Time, and rewatched three of my favorite Disney movies.

As a little girl my all-time favorite princess was Cinderella (Yes, that was one of the movies I rewatched). The five-year old version of me wanted to be exactly like Cinderella-- though, I wasn't sure how I would get my hair to be blond. As I look back on my obsession with Cinderella, I realize how invested I was in the generic idea of what a fairytale is. I don't know about your stance on this, but I grew up with the notion that a fairytale is laid out like this: 

1. There is a princess who is suffering in some type of wa…