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I am so much Grateful

I know I'm a day early, but... Frohes Erntedankfest! 
Oh boy, this is going to be quite an email so take a seat. I'll try to share things chronologically as they happened but I forgot my notebook so I make no promises. This week has been quite a week to write in the books. It has been one that I'm not entirely sure if every missionary here or in the field has experienced. 
So last week my district was able to go to the temple. We aren't able to go today because it's closed for the holiday. We're all pretty bummed out. Last week was spectacular for this reason though. I hadn't realized I had missed the temple so much until I couldn't stop smiling the minute I walked into it. For those of you who don't know, temples are a bit of heaven on earth. To be able to enter into it one must be a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It doesn't stop there though, one must be worthy to enter into a temple and be able to partake of making s…

Hallo Deutchlanders

Hallo mein familie und freunden! 

This is going to be one long email but I promise I'll keep it entertaining. I was set apart as a missionary last Sunday and boy that was a grand experience. I have no doubt that I will be more than fine out here. Monday and Tuesday of last week felt nonexistent, they flew by. Entering the MTC last week was surreal. The last thing I did before I entered the MTC was take a nap (:
Wednesday. My mom, aunt, and cousins dropped me off at the MTC in Provo. We drove in through the gates and were directed to go to the garage. Every one was so happy to see me (and any new missionary in general). When we got to where we were asked to go, my host companion arrived at our car. As a missionary, I will always have a companion of the same gender with me. 24/7. We all got out of the car and I hugged my aunt and cousins. Then I hugged my mom. I was all fine up to that moment​ when I hugged my mom goodbye. I think I would have been fine if she had not said anything, b…

My Farewell Talk

The time has come. Tonight I will be leaving to be set apart as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was not able to give a farewell talk (a talk missionaries typically give right before they leave to serve their missions), and that news really bummed me out. I figured I would write one anyway because there is a special message I would like to share with you all. I pray that the Lord's Spirit will be with me as I write this, and with you as you read it. I love you all. 
HI. My name is Alicia Quintana, soon to be Sister Quintana for the next 18 months. I will be entering the Missionary Training Center in Utah this coming Wednesday. I feel privileged to have this opportunity to be able to serve others as a full-time missionary. I feel privileged to be walking with Christ for this next year and a half.

I was born into the church, but my personal conversion did not happen instantly. My conversion to the gospel and to Jesus Christ has happened throughout t…

The Book of Mormon Challenge

​ A sweet Sister missionary friend of mine challenged everyone who read her social media post to take part in the Book of Mormon challenge, so here I am. I also couldn't think of a better way to celebrate having one week left until I report to the MTC than sharing one of my favorite scriptures (: 
Instructions: 1. Take a picture of you with the Book of Mormon 2. Share your favorite verse and why 3. Challenge 3 or more friends to do the same 4. Include the instructions in the post
I have more than one favorite verse! One of these is found in Words of Mormon 1:7 
​7 ... And now ​I do not know all things; but the Lord knoweth all things which are to come; wherefore, he worketh in me to do according to his will. 
​I read this verse while I was preparing to finish my mission papers. I read it in a time where I could not understand what was happening in my life, why it was happening, and why I need to serve a mission. ​I read it at a point in my life where my faith was hanging on threa…