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Züge, Busen, Treppe...

... und frohe Weihnachten!

Before I get into details about Germany, let me just say how much my district and zone mean to me. I love them so much. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were sad days. Saying goodbye to my teachers was a bittersweet moment. Saying goodbye to the Sisters headed to Frankfurt was yet another bittersweet moment. 

Monday morning was very, very, very exhausting.  The Berlin group reported to the MTC travel office at 3:50am. From there we hopped on a bus that took us to the train station. We had 3 minutes to get all of the missionaries leaving the MTV that morning and their luggage into the train. We arrived at the airport and the longest day commenced. Honestly, Monday and Tuesday are just one gigantic day for me. I barely recall most of it... I just know I was exhausted. 
We flew from Salt Lake City to Chicago to Frankfurt to Dresden. The flight from Chicago to Frankfurt was supposed to feel like an eternity but it didn't. Sister Tucker and I sat next to each othe…

Thy will be done

Final week in the MTC

​Well, my time at the MTC has reached its conclusion. ​We received our flight plans and us Germans will be leaving this coming Monday. The Berliners are supposed to meet at the travel office at 3:50AM. What a joy. It is surreal to imagine that this time next week I will be in my first area in the Berlin Germany mission. Time has flown by, and it's only going to keep passing by. Before I get into a reflection of this past month, I'll talk about this past week.

Like I mentioned last week, we went to the temple! It was such an amazing experience for me. I felt my dad and it's what I have been needing a lot lately. I love the temple because of how much peace and love there is. The feelings on temple grounds are only unique to temple grounds. The minute I am on temple ground, I feel like I am in a different place. It's part of the celestial world, not this one. I'm grateful we have been able to go to the temple every week since arriving here. I know…

Die Gabe

I cannot believe I am coming close to my one month mark. This month has gone by rapidly, and it has not felt like it. Time is literally non-existent here in the MTC. I'm constantly having to look at the calendar to see what day it is. Also, I can't believe it's Pday already. ​Where has the time gone? Another whoopsy I made, the band that came to play for us Thanksgiving day is Nashville Tribute Band.

This past week is a huge blur for me. Last Wednesday we were able to go to the temple yet again, and we're going today too (: We all get excited to go to the temple for the right reasons, but being able to leave the MTC is also a bonus. We all get excited as we're coming up to the entrance gates of the MTC because we not only enter the real world, but we also get to see cars full of families dropping off new missionaries. We love Wednesdays. On another note, we almost died last Wednesday. We were walking back to the MTC and were standing at the corner of the block, wai…

Joy to the World

Hallo! I cannot believe I have concluded my third week here at the MTC. I'm half-way through the training process and as much as I would love to be in Berlin by now, I don't feel ready! I already know these remaining three weeks will fly by.

Again, Happy belated Thanksgiving. I spent Thanksgiving here at the MTC and it was a bit different, but it was a good different. It was also a very busy day. My thanksgiving day began with a blueberry donut. I love donuts. I can't think of a better way to start off my day than with a donut. Now, you're probably asking yourself why I am so happy about one donut. Well, the food and I have not been on the best terms lately... so this donut was a good sign for my tastebuds (: After having breakfast, the missionaries who were in the Thanksgiving choir left to be seated and ran through For the Beauty of the Earth. Right before our Thanksgiving devotional began, Sister Bates, Sister Depeel, and I placed bets on who the guest speaker woul…