Die Gabe

I cannot believe I am coming close to my one month mark. This month has gone by rapidly, and it has not felt like it. Time is literally non-existent here in the MTC. I'm constantly having to look at the calendar to see what day it is. Also, I can't believe it's Pday already. ​Where has the time gone? Another whoopsy I made, the band that came to play for us Thanksgiving day is Nashville Tribute Band.

This past week is a huge blur for me. Last Wednesday we were able to go to the temple yet again, and we're going today too (: We all get excited to go to the temple for the right reasons, but being able to leave the MTC is also a bonus. We all get excited as we're coming up to the entrance gates of the MTC because we not only enter the real world, but we also get to see cars full of families dropping off new missionaries. We love Wednesdays. On another note, we almost died last Wednesday. We were walking back to the MTC and were standing at the corner of the block, waiting for the crosswalk signal to change, when this car made the most random turn ever. He drove relatively slowly, straight toward us, then turned, and proceeded to turn into the next road. It seemed as if he meant to turn left, but it was a very out-of-the-way type of turn. It was very odd.

One of the families of one of our Sisters sent her cinnamon rolls via DearElder. At night we all hovered around the microwave in our hall, patiently awaiting for the microwave to heat the delicious treats. It was a hilarious sight to see. I am not ashamed to say I ate 3 cinnamon rolls. Sister Seager and I do not regret our cinnamon roll decisions to this day haha.

Sister Morrison, Sister Lay, and I also went on a spree at the BYU bookstore here in the MTC. We walked in and came out with plentiful bags of food. Among my goodies were pretzels, white cheddar popcorn, fig bars, and cashews. The guy at the register laughed at me and said that I was at least keeping it relatively healthy. Again, I do not regret my choices.

Last week, we began our TRC meetings. A TRC meeting is basically when we meet with real members for a brief time and share a message in our mission language. Friday we had our second TRC meeting and it was amazing. We met with two guys who both served in Germany and we had planned on just sharing a message about the importance of scriptures and how the ones we love tend to be ones that found their way to us. Through the lesson, that changed. Our focus became Jesus Christ and his Atonement. We ended up sharing the first challenge for the Light the World initiative, "Freely ye have received, freely give" (Matt. 10:8). Our short meeting with these members was so spiritual. Jesus Christ came to this earth to die for us, he has given us so much. We challenged the two men to think about how they can give back to people in their lives or anyone, and act. I felt so much love in that lesson.

Saturday was fun. For exercise time I played the most enjoyable volleyball game ever since arriving here at the MTC. I was in the front, at the net, and there was an Elder on the opposite side who is unbelievably tall. He had been hitting the balls with such great strength no one could get to it. So, I went up to block and to my surprise... I blocked him. BEST MOMENT EVER.

Other highlights from Saturday: we saw a hot air balloon on-campus of BYU, we studied on the 6th floor of one of the buildings and narrated the lives of those we saw on ground level, the moon was very bright, and we taught our first 40ish minute lesson. We were surprised Bruder Penfold did not stop us, it was an amazing lesson.

I have come to the conclusion Sundays are meant for crying. Every Sunday I have been here I have cried. The spirit is just so strong it makes me cry. This past Sunday was fast Sunday and testimony meeting. On the first Sunday of every month, we fast-- we do not eat nor drink anything for 24 hours. It was an amazing experience. On the first Sunday of every month we also share our testimonies in church. Let me just say, woah. All of the missionaries in our branch shared their testimonies, in English, in German, in Turkish, in Hungarian, and in Spanish. I was the Spanish one haha. I knew I wanted to share what I know to be true, but I wasn't sure what language to say it in. Spanish was what came out of my mouth when I stood at the pulpit. Very few people understood what I said. One of the counselors to our branch president shared with me later that although he knew not what I said, he cried. The spirit of God, the Holy Ghost, is the common language we all have. The Holy Ghost testifies of truth.

Sister Lay and Sister Johnson preformed a musical number for our Sunday night devotional. Sister Lay played the violin and Sister Johnson accompanied her on the piano. It was a beautiful performance. Every one loved it. They're the stars of the MTC.

Our failed attempt to point at the Deutschland flag

We got a glimpse of winter on Monday. We woke up to a thin layer of snow. The mountains here in Provo were stunning. I mean they're stunning by themselves, but with snow they're a better sight to see.

On Tuesday Sister Lay and I thought we lost Sister Morrison. We were walking back to our residence hall at night and we were caught up in conversations that we lost track of where we all were. We were really close to our residence hall when I asked myself, Where are my companions? I turned around and saw Sister Lay. Breath of relief. I asked her where Sister Morrison was, and we looked around us and failed to see her. Moment of panic. We had one job: sight and sound with our companions, and we failed haha. We retraced our steps to see where on earth we could have lost our human being. Luckily, some Sisters in the other German district caught up to us and told us Sister Morrison had made it back to the residence hall before we had did. Phew. That was probably the most thrilling experience I've had here apart from the cinnamon rolls.

Saint Nikolaus morning, he's the Saint who eventually became Santa.

This morning we all woke up to candy and nice notes in our shoes. Today is Saint Nikolaus day for Germans. Every day for the month of December a Saint is celebrated. To celebrate, Germans leave their shoes out the night before so Saint Nikolaus can fill them with chocolates. Between us German Sisters, we left our shoes out and filled others with nice notes and sweet goodies.

This holiday season is the best. I love that every one is a bit happier and full of more love. The gifts are a bonus, but they are not what is important. Do you know what the first gift was? I invite you to watch the following videos: He is the Gift, and Because of Him These are my favorite videos ever. I challenge each of you to think about what he has given you, and act. How can you give back?

I know we are all children of a loving Father in Heaven. I know his love for us is grand, more than we can imagine. I know that because he loves us, he gave up his only begotten son to save all of us. I know that because of Christ we do not have go through trials alone. He is there for us, for every experience we live. He has always been there for you, you just need to let him in. I am grateful for Christ's atonement. It is through his suffering in Gethsemane that I am able to have my burdens, pains, sins, illness, sadness, and imperfections lifted. Because of Him, I am trying to live as he did. I am forever in debt to him and his love for me.

I love you all,
Sister Quintana