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A Letter

Another week has passed. I had my first zone conference this past week. I was quite well pleased with it haha. All of the missionaries in the Hamburg zone, and from one other zone, joined here in Hamburg for a conference. It was very spiritually packed. We also learned about a new app that our mission is developing. We're so excited to be a part of it's development.
This past week we had planned our day out, like any other day. Every time we leave our apartment we say a prayer. I happened to say the prayer that morning. I distinctly recall praying for opportunities to talk to people because I knew we had a busy day ahead of us. Well, we walked out of our apartment and let me begin by saying our day did not go as we planned. We missed a train or two and got on three wring trains. It sounds terrible, but it was amazing. It was amazing because we had three amazing conversations that resulted out of us getting on the wrong train. I know we were meant to meet those people and talk t…

Viele Wunder

Hmm... I have no clue as to where to start. Let's just say this week was sehr interessant. Sister Dempsey and I were sick, and we don't even know with what haha. She had a stomach bug and I was just physically deteriorating. It helped to rest as much as we did last pday. 

We were exhausted on tuesday. Honestly, I don't even know how we made it out of our apartment. We went finding and later went to church for an appointment. We decided to stop by the grocery store before returning to our apartment for the night. We needed to buy ingredients to make chicken noodle soup. We weren't sure about where to find chicken broth. I saw this lady speaking on the phone in spanish and naturally, I felt more inclined to ask her where we could find chicken broth. This lady proceeded to hang up the phone and walk with us throughout every aisle to help us find what we needed. At the end, we started talking and I gave her a pass along card and told her if she ever needed anything to give …

Stop opening things

I cannot believe it is pday already. I also cannot believe that within a matter of days I will have been in Germany for a month now. This past month has been jam packed with many experiences, all of which I am grateful for. Living in Germany is quite different than living within the US. The transport system here in Hamburg is relatively the same to the one in DC. The city is covered with apartments, very petite ones too. Germans love Ikea haha. Every day is almost always cloudy, but the sun does come out occasionally.
Thursday was probably the roughest day of the week for me. My body literally feels like it's dying on me haha. The other day someone bluntly told Sister Dempsey and I that we look tired, I personally think we look dead. I also feel hungry 24/7 and that's not good when we're around German bakeries. Things have been so busy lately that time is flying by faster than I'm used to.
I went on my first tausch this week. One of the Sister Training Leaders (STLs) cam…

Rain, Rain, Rain, and More Rain

Well if the title didn't give it away, my week was filled with rain-- don't be fooled, I loved every minute of it. 

This week was quite of a faith builder. On Tuesday we had interviews with our mission President. This was my first interview, apart from the one I had the day I arrived in Germany, and it was amazing. It was the spiritual boost I needed.

The following day was filled with rain. My trainer and I did not have many appointments so we decided to go finding in the rain. Finding simply means stopping anyone who's willing to talk to us. We talked to as many people as we could since there was no one outside. Hardly anyone wanted to speak to us since it was pouring outside. Apart from being soaked and cold, I managed to get my first door slammed in my face. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been. The lady simply caught me off guard because she said she was cooking but then aggressively shut the door on us. We decided to head back after a long while to conti…

Keep playing...

... soon enough the music will transform into a masterpiece. 

So Mondays are my official pdays. In the MTC they were on Wednesdays and due to the holiday season our schedule was funky. Now all should be back to normal. If you would like to send me anything (ie. letters or care packages) you can do so at this address:

                                                             Sister Alicia Quintana
                                                           Germany Berlin Mission 
                                                               Zerbster Straße 42
                                                                   12209 Berlin 

From between now and my last pday, not a lot has happened... I mean it's only been 5ish days. To be honest it was a sad week. We broke up with 3 people. As missionaries, we talk to everyone who wants to talk to us about our church. We had been meeting with 2 potential indivi…