Rain, Rain, Rain, and More Rain

Well if the title didn't give it away, my week was filled with rain-- don't be fooled, I loved every minute of it. 

This week was quite of a faith builder. On Tuesday we had interviews with our mission President. This was my first interview, apart from the one I had the day I arrived in Germany, and it was amazing. It was the spiritual boost I needed.

The following day was filled with rain. My trainer and I did not have many appointments so we decided to go finding in the rain. Finding simply means stopping anyone who's willing to talk to us. We talked to as many people as we could since there was no one outside. Hardly anyone wanted to speak to us since it was pouring outside. Apart from being soaked and cold, I managed to get my first door slammed in my face. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been. The lady simply caught me off guard because she said she was cooking but then aggressively shut the door on us. We decided to head back after a long while to continue our studying. On our way back we bought chocolate croissants so that was probably the highlight of that day. 
I don't think you realize how much happiness bread brings me, also please note how I wasn't exaggerating when I said it was pouring haha
That being said, the next day was amazing. It was still raining but God literally threw people our way. We received a phone call from a lady who would like us to visit her and her daughter, we received a referral, we were able to come in contact with someone we thought we wouldn't be able to talk to until 2 months later, and those two small things were worth all the rain. 

Saturday night was rough in the sense that all my frustrations finally came out. The minute I got here and met my trainer, I knew we were going to work amazing wonders here in Hamburg. After some tears shed, I found out she felt the same way too that first day. Well it's been frustrating for us because we are giving it our all, and it's felt like we've just been walking in the dark. We know we are not. We know that God is guiding us.

I have been studying a lot on faith and the nature of God. And something I have come to learn and understand better is how wonderful it is to be given hard experiences in life. Earlier this week, I read a talk from last conference, titled Do we Trust Him? Hard is Good. In this talk, Elder Stanley G. Ellis identifies the difficulty of life as a result of our learning to develop faith and sacrifice what means the most to us.

"The hard things in our lives should come as no surprise. One of the earliest covenants we make with the Lord is to live the law of sacrifice. Sacrifice, by definition, involves giving up something desirable. With experience we realize it is a small price to pay in relation to the blessings that follow...

Members of the Godhead are no strangers to hard things. God the Father sacrificed His Only Begotten Son to the terrible suffering of the Atonement, including death by crucifixion. The scriptures say Jesus Christ learned “obedience by the things which he suffered” (Hebrews 5:8). He voluntarily suffered the agony of the Atonement. The Holy Ghost must be long-suffering to prompt, warn, and guide us, only to sometimes be ignored, misinterpreted, or forgotten." (Do we Trust Him? Hard is Good, Oct. General Conference 2017)

I know in my life, there have been numerous occasions when I have asked myself how much faith I have in God to trust Him. I know by personal experience having faith to trust God with my present, future, and purpose is difficult and terrifying-- primarily because I can't see the bigger picture He sees. But as I have studied the character of God, I know I am in good hands... and you are too. 

I know that God is a loving Father. I know He willingly gave his son, Jesus Christ, as a sacrifice for all mankind. I know it was a terrifying thing for him to do, but he did it because he loves us. I know Jesus Christ willingly chose to be tormented and unrighteously judged to fulfill the will of the Father. I know Christ did this because he trusts our Father in Heaven. I know that it is through Him that we can find everlasting life. 

Earlier this week President Thomas S Monson passed away. Though he is no longer with us, I would like to share something he said,

"Our promised blessings are beyond measure. Though the storm clouds may gather, though the rains may pour down upon us, our knowledge of the gospel and our love of our Heavenly Father and of our Savior will comfort and sustain us … as we walk uprightly. … There will be nothing in this world that can defeat us.”

I know it's challenging to keep walking in a rainstorm, climb a mountain or be in the dark, but I also know it is always worth it. No effort is ever wasted. I know that it is through these difficult times where we can all come to know God and Christ. So, do you have the faith to trust in Him? Because I do and I know you can too. 

Liebe Grüße,

Sister Quintana