Viele Wunder

Hmm... I have no clue as to where to start. Let's just say this week was sehr interessant. Sister Dempsey and I were sick, and we don't even know with what haha. She had a stomach bug and I was just physically deteriorating. It helped to rest as much as we did last pday. 

We were exhausted on tuesday. Honestly, I don't even know how we made it out of our apartment. We went finding and later went to church for an appointment. We decided to stop by the grocery store before returning to our apartment for the night. We needed to buy ingredients to make chicken noodle soup. We weren't sure about where to find chicken broth. I saw this lady speaking on the phone in spanish and naturally, I felt more inclined to ask her where we could find chicken broth. This lady proceeded to hang up the phone and walk with us throughout every aisle to help us find what we needed. At the end, we started talking and I gave her a pass along card and told her if she ever needed anything to give us a call. I thought our conversation was over but then we ended up talking more and at that point I remembered I had a Book of Mormon in Spanish. I gave it to her and in total we talked for about 20 minutes in the middle of one of the grocery aisles haha. Right afterward Sister Dempsey and I talked about how it was a miracle that we met the woman because all of our plans for the day had messed us up. But had they not been messed up, we would not have ever been at the store at night. 

This last week Hamburg experienced a snowstorm. Well not really a storm, but it did snow! Walking outside in the snow reminded me of home, it wasn't too bad.

We had a second day full of Wunders. On Friday we decided to passby by a couple addresses we have. We were able to locate 2/3 of the people. We were just getting to the third address when it started to rain. We got to the klingel and I began to pray (we pray everytime we're about to meet with someone so that we'll be guided and have the holy ghost with us). In the middle of our prayer it started to POUR. I was getting soaked because there wasn't enough room under the porch to cover us both. I thought about rushing the prayer to be able to go inside the building, but I decided not to. I figured something big was going to happen. A miracle. Well, we finished and the rain calmed down a bit. I told Sister Dempsey, "This is it (the miracle we've been working for)." We rang the klingel, no one answered. We rang again and still... no answer. We we're going to leave but I asked Sister Dempsey if we could klingel again, to see if God was just testing us. Nope, still no answer. We ended up just leaving for our appointment. We were on the bus planning what in the world we were going to do with the woman whose baptismal date we cancelled. We planned on reading a chapter of the Book of Mormon, and then telling her we would not be visiting her again. We got to our appointment and read and discussed what we read. Then it got real interesting. We were reading about the true doctrine of Christ in 3 Nephi 27 and out of no where she says she knows the church is true and she wants to be baptized. I was confused. But we went on with our lesson. Once we concluded reading and talking, we asked her to please clarify if she would be continuing to attend her church or if she would be attending the LDS church. At this point she was confused. Long story short, she told us she wants to be baptized but she is just not ready yet. So, the minute we walked out of her apartment I just thought to myself Wow God, you got me good. I couldn't stop laughing. We knew this was the Wunder we had been working for.

Sunday was amazing. We had dinner with a woman in our ward. Funny story, in German the norm is giving people handshakes. Hugs just aren't a big thing here. This woman we had dinner with apparently was talking to Sister Dempsey. Sis Dempsey had asked her about which is the proper greeting and the woman told her it is best to greet with a handshake, it's respectful. So that's what she did. However, I wasn't there when the conversation happened. Within less than a minute of that, I come over to them and hug this lady and apparently her facial reaction was hilarious. Sis Dempsey told me about it a couple nights ago haha. Back to the point, we had dinner with this member and it was amazing. She's the sweetest ever. And you won't believe what she has in her apartment. She has a cat. I died when she opened her door and saw a little white fluff ball sitting on the carpet. I was in heaven. At the end of the dinner, the lady hugged us haha. I didn't even need to initiate it, it was awesome.

I was studying yet another talk and I really liked the story shared:

"I was greatly impressed as I listened to the BYU alumni president, Ernest L. Wilkinson, M.D., tell of an emergency call that took him to the Intensive Coronary Care Unit of the LDS Hospital [in Salt Lake City], where a close personal friend of his of several years’ duration was in critical condition with a massive coronary thrombosis. He said: “As I approached his bedside he grasped my hand and through an oxygen mask, though gripped with pain and breathing in a labored manner, he muttered, ‘Oh, Doctor, can you save me? I have so many things I have been putting off and wanting to do.’

“As we labored into the hours of the morning, utilizing all of the modern electronic gadgetry that medical science can provide, and as it became increasingly evident that my friend would not survive, I was haunted by his comment and its inference. Are we thinkers or are we doers? How many of us procrastinate the really important decisions in life? Will we be found wanting when we too are at the crossroads of life and death?”

This is a serious and urgent question indeed. We are all nearing the crossroads of life and death ourselves. How fortunate we are to be able to make a choice. What a glorious thing it is to know that we can choose our course, write our destiny and determine our blessings. It is not too late to choose. The choice is ours, but we must choose this day whom we will serve" (N. Eldon Tanner, "Choose You This Day," April 1971).

I am grateful that the life we have is one of choices. Every day, hour, and minute we choose who we want to be. We choose how we want to fill our time. We choose who we want to fill our time with. Every choice we make is precious. We either contribute to making our life the best it can be or we hurt ourselves. Our lives are precious because we are precious. Let us not fill our time with things that are of little importance. Rather than choosing to be upset, choose to be happy. I invite each of you to find what makes you happy and to make time for it. We were given this life to experience joy. 

I'm thankful for being on my mission. This is my happiness. I love it. 

Bis später,

Sis Quintana 

We went to Miniature Wonderland for pday today (: