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Always There

I'm officially out of training, woohoo. This week was transfer week, in other words moving day. Sister Dempsey left me. Haha kidding, she was transferred to Plauen and we had to say our auf Wiedersehen. It was definitely an unreal moment. As I was watching her train pass by it didn't hit me that I probably wouldn't see her until after our missions. The rest of that day was filled with helping missionaries get to their trains. I also welcomed my new companion Sister Mecham!

We've had a pretty crazy week. To sum it all up, lets just say there was a baby, an ambulance, a lost wallet, lost keys, another ambulance, a strike or two, and some German Sign language! Don't worry, I was directly only involved with the sign language. One of the language programs in our mission is German sign language. As missionaries we've been taught to introduce ourselves in Gebärdenprache! We had a street display on Saturday and another Sister in my district and I decided to cross the st…

Blown Away

Before I continue to write... I finally found horchata!!!!!!! It's been quite challenging to find any type of Hispanic food so the fact that I found horchata makes me unbelievably happy haha. I just had to share that with you.

This week was literally amazing, and very windy. 

Though this transfer is almost to an end, we managed to squeeze our tausch in with our STLs. I went over to Delingsdorf for 24 hours! I FINALLY GOT TO RIDE A BIKE! I don't think you realize how excited I was to ride a bike. As most of you probably figured by now, I love bread. I promise you that the same excitement I get when buying bread in a bakery is the same amount of excitement I had to ride a bike. It took me like 3 times before I was steady to ride but it was awesome!

This tausch was quite special for me, special in the sense that God gave me a piece of an answer to a question that I have been trying to understand. While on tausch, Sister Barker and I visited a family. This family comes from Honduras.…

It's not about you

I thought I'd give it a try so we'll see if this posts haha

Hallo liebe Leute. Ich habe so viel lieb für Sie. 

This past week was 50-50 type of week. The first half was a much needed boost of energy with zone conference. Zone conference was awesome as always. Our Easter initiative was announced! I am so excited for it, preparations have begun for it's official launch on the 23rd. The other half of the week was tough, but still full of tender mercies. 
One of those tender mercies happened to be about an Albanian man that we met a week ago. I think I wrote about him last week, but to refresh your mind... We were on our way to our church building when we stopped to talk to this man. He said he was interested to read the book of Mormon so he came with us to church to get a copy in Albanian. He said he'd be returning to Albania within 10-11 days. Fast forward to yesterday. We got a call from one of our zone leaders, who also happens to be in our district. We thought it was wei…

Es gibt immer einen Weg

I don't know if you know this, but it's been unbelievably cold this past week. Really, really, really cold. Amidst the piercing cold wind, we have diligently persisted in the work. If there is one message that God has really emphasized to me this week it is that there is always a way.
There have been quite a lot of moments when we have worked our butts off and have seen no immediate result from our efforts-- especially as we're outside commuting between appointments and finding people to speak with. When this happens, it is rather easy to conclude that all your efforts were wasted. It is so simple to believe that you have been forgotten by God, or that he just doesn't have enough time for you. Accepting this mode of thought only leads to discouragement.
Being on my mission has opened my eyes more to seeing how much God loves his children, and to understanding better how much he individually knows them too. A couple days ago we had set apart time in our day to go finding.…