Es gibt immer einen Weg

I don't know if you know this, but it's been unbelievably cold this past week. Really, really, really cold. Amidst the piercing cold wind, we have diligently persisted in the work. If there is one message that God has really emphasized to me this week it is that there is always a way.

There have been quite a lot of moments when we have worked our butts off and have seen no immediate result from our efforts-- especially as we're outside commuting between appointments and finding people to speak with. When this happens, it is rather easy to conclude that all your efforts were wasted. It is so simple to believe that you have been forgotten by God, or that he just doesn't have enough time for you. Accepting this mode of thought only leads to discouragement.

Being on my mission has opened my eyes more to seeing how much God loves his children, and to understanding better how much he individually knows them too. A couple days ago we had set apart time in our day to go finding. Well, this day happened to be -8° C. I kid you not when I say we were unbelievably cold. We had just begun finding when my feet were already frozen haha. We kept trudging along with a good spirit and talking to everyone we could. After speaking with a ton of people who weren't interested we came across this girl we had previously seen before on a bus. We talked to her and had an amazing conversation! Later we spoke with two amazing girls and got their contact information to be able to speak more at another given time. We were on our way back from finding, headed to the chapel, when Sister Dempsey signaled to stop this man. I was exhausted and honestly I didn't think talking to the man would go anywhere. Boy were we surprised. He said he was interested in reading the Book of Mormon and asked if he could have one! Out of no where I just asked him if he'd be willing to walk with us to our church building (since we were only a block away) so we could retrieve a book in Albanian for him. He said yes! We got him the book and got all of his information to be able to send missionaries to him in Albania. After he left, Sister Dempsey and I were still in awe at what had just happened. A day that could have easily appeared to be a waste of effort was in reality a day full of tender mercies sent from a loving Father in heaven.

In the Book of Mormon, we read that "God has provided a means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles" (Mosiah 8:18). I know this promise to be true. I know that God is a loving Father who really knows the hearts of all of his children, aka you. He knows when you're sad, he knows when you're upset, he knows when you're happy and excited and fearful and every other emotion I've failed to list. He knows you. He knows your deepest, righteous desires and wants you to be happy. I know that when we chose to have faith in Him, we can really see how he blesses our lives. There is nothing that is impossible for him, so it shouldn't be impossible for you too. 


Sister Quintana 

P.S. For the next two weeks my blogs won't be posted because my mom can't do it for me haha. She'll post them later (: 
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