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It happened...

... it actually happened.
To really understand my title, we have to go back to when I arrived here in Germany. When I first got to Hamburg, my district was made up of 1 set of Elders, 1 set of senior couple missionaries, and 2 sets of Sister missionaries. Among the Sisters were Sister Dempsey and me, and Sister Saalman and Walker. My transfer was filled with so much laughter and good times that when we received our transfer calls and found out Sister Saalman was among the missionaries being transferred, her and I made a joke that one day we would be companions. Well, fast forward to the day all the missionaries went to Berlin for a conference with Elder Rasband... Sister Saalman and I were placed by each other while we were waiting for a group photo to be taken of us-- keep in mind that later in the day we would be receiving our transfer calls-- and we jokingly said again that one day we would be companions. Well, the day has come. Sister Saalman and I are companions here in Dresden!! …

The Beauty in Tears

Quite a lot has happened within this past week. I have learned a lot from the conferences we have had as a zone here in Hamburg, and as a mission in Germany. We not only had zone conference this past week, but we also had the opportunity to hear from one of the twelve apostles. It truly was a tender mercy to have been able to travel to Berlin for this special missionary meeting.
We were initially not supposed to be able to attend the meeting with Elder Ronald A. Rasband, but our mission president is so full of love for the west half of us (missionaries) that he made it possible for us to all be able to hear from an apostle called of God. Throughout the entire meeting with Elder Rasband, the spirit was strongly testifying to me that everything he was sharing was true. I know God is our Father and he knows us individually. He knows our personal needs. I have no doubt Russel M. Nelson is a prophet called of God to guide and direct us, and that we have a prophet and apostles who speak as r…

There's no place like home

Well, sorry for not writing last week!

As the headline suggests, I'm home. Well, not really haha but it feels like I'm home. The weather here has definitely changed and it feels like I'm back in the blue crab state. It's actually feeling like spring and summer now and I'm loving every minute of it, kind of. It's not fun to run after buses in the humidity...

These past two weeks have been super spiritually packed! General Conference weekend was amazing. All of the messages were specular and all of the questions I had were answered. Ahhh i just love having the opportunity to hear from our prophet and 12 apostles and other general authorities. If you missed any of the sessions, or are curious to watch it, you can do so at (:

This past weekend was our stake conference and it was also amazing. Everyone who spoke added to the messages shared in general conference. There has been a heavy emphasis on receiving personal revelation.

One of the unique aspects of our g…