5 things Dresden gave me

One... an Indian wedding. Two... a wart. Three... a sprained ankle. Four... a bomb. Five... faith like Emma Smith.

Well based on these five things, I'm quite sure you can tell it's been a strange, packed week. It's been a great week though. Our week began with an Indian wedding. We did quite a bit of finding throughout the wedding, and now I'm teaching a girl Spanish haha. Then there's the wart. I have no explanations for that, but if anyone knows how to get rid of one please let me know. The sprained ankle... I also don't have any explanation for that except for I was trying to figure out a title for my weekly and I said I needed one more thing to make my list five. I've learned my lesson. I'm not sure how well known this news is, but construction workers found a bomb in Dresden this week haha. Apparently, the workers were digging in an area by the main train station and they came across a fighter plane bomb from World War II. Talk about history. That's about all the details I know. We only found out about it because we were stuck in an area since all the trains stopped running while they were disarming it. No need to worry, I'm safe, we're all safe.

On another note, since being in Dresden I've seen my faith grow immensely. One of my latest study topics has been learning how to develop faith like Emma Smith and the pioneers of the church. For those of you who don't know, Emma Smith was the wife of Joseph Smith. Together they faced trial, after trial, after trial, after trial. Reading in Doctrine and Covenants has only left me impressed with the desire to build a foundation on Christ as firm as the early Latter-day Saints did in the 1830s. Now I'm not a historian on this subject, but I do know that the amount of suffering endured by members of the church in the 1830s was grand. Early Latter-day Saints would leave all of their belongings when the Lord called them to move. Families were torn apart as a result from illnesses and persecution. Their faith was more than tried, but they maintained steadfast. Why? I've asked myself that question many times. Why did they endure so much? Why do I keep going when I feel like I'm walking in the dark? And all the answers that have gone through my head always lead back to faith.

 A steadfast foundation of faith is more than enough to fuel you when the going gets tough. As I've read about the suffering of the Saints in Missouri, I've understood and found comfort in the promises the Lord gave them. One of my favorite promises within the Doctrine and Covenants is found in section 121 verses 7 and 8, "My son/daughter, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high;" What a beautiful promise that stands just as valid now as it did in 1839. Many more promises, like this one, are found in the Book of Mormon and in the bible. It's these promises that fuel hope and faith. 

 As I've continued study and test my limits, I've come to develop my own faith in ways I never thought were possible. I know Christ lives. I know he makes us perfect when we allow him to. I know there are so many rich promises that God has for his willing children. I know faith isn't simple. In fact it takes a lot of energy and work-- sometimes it can be quite frustrating-- but I know it is worth it. When all feels like it's falling apart, it is through Christ and his perfect love where you can find comfort in knowing all will be well.

 Ich hab Sie lieb,

 Sister Quintana

When a bomb's found, so you decide to have your last meal just in case (: We're safe though!