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Not alone

This week was tough. It was spiritually amazing, but mentally exhausting.
Ever since our last transfer, Sister Olsen and I have been quite aware of the miracles that happen every day. I would have to say my favorite Wunder this week happened on Saturday. We had just gotten out of an eating appointment and I was not feeling good at all. I was emotionally and physically struggling and I literally did not know if I could continue with our day.
Our day had a pretty iffy start. We started with going out finding early in the morning and that went really well. At some point after that I had to call some Elders in our mission to talk about a person we are working with. I have been doing some translations for them and a couple nights ago I was speaking to the man's wife and found out his drinking has continued. After speaking together we realized his addiction is greatly affecting him. That phone call in itself was tough. From there, we headed to our eating appointment with an elderly lady i…

The pickle, 2 Vietnamese men, and a cat

Meine gute, this week was HOT. I'm pretty sure I have never drunken so much water in my entire lifetime. What makes it the worst is how hot it gets in the Straßebahns and buses. But apart from that, it's been a pretty good week.
I've spoken to more native Spanish speakers in this one week than I have since leaving my family. It's crazy! It's like they pop out of no where! Ironically, one of my favorite experiences from this past week has nothing to do with Spanish.
We had been trying to visit senior women within our ward boundaries, hint the word trying. Our plans all ended up falling out because we weren't able to come in contact with anyone. It was around 18, I was hot, Sister Olsen was hot, we were practically dying of thirst, and our energy was g•o•n•e, gone. We decided to push through and find in the area we were in. We prayed to know where to go and who to speak to. Then, we started walking. As we were walking we passed by a fruit stand, and for some strang…

Mi mejor amigo

This week was insane. We got transfer calls and Sister Olsen and I will be staying for another transfer!! We're so excited to continue working in Dresden. We're seeing a lot of progress and our eyes are opened to miracles every day. 
This week my best friend has been the Holy Ghost. With the change of a new mission President, there has been a huge emphasis on learning to identify the​ voice ​of God in our daily li​ves​. We all have heard about the Holy Ghost at one point or another in our lives. It hasn't been until being on a mission that I've understood who he is. The Holy Ghost is a spirit who testifies of truths to us. He guides us to what is good, and warns us of what can hurt us. He speaks to us in many different ways. For me, he has always been a feeling of warmth and confirmation. Through him I've been able to feel God's love for me. And as you read my weekly emails, I invite each of you to pay attention to how you feel as you read what I share. I know t…

Aber der Herr sieht das Herz

This week flew by so quickly. I made tres leches! And it turned out really good, by far the closest thing to Latino food I've had here.
We met our new mission President and his wife. They are amazing, I'm looking forward to working with them for this next year. As we were being introduced to them, something Sister Leimer said really touched my heart. She referred to the beginning of the Book of Mormon.
**Quick little note for those of you who don't know the Book of Mormon: It's a record of an ancient people in the ancient Americas. It begins with the account of a man named Lehi. He was guided by God out of Jerusalem because of the wickedness of the people. Lehi took his family with them, among them are his sons Nephi, Laman, and Lemuel. The Book of Mormon testifies of the coming of Christ, his birth, and his resurrection.**
After experiencing and witnessing so many spiritual events, Laman and Lemuel were quick to turn their hearts away from God when things got tough. …

Wunder Woche

Wow it feels like it's been forever. I send my apologies for not having written last week, but my goodness this past week and a couple days were amazing. We lived so many Wunders it's crazy-- I'll just share my favorite one.
We've been going by on a lot of people lately. We were actually going by on a contact and we klingeled him but got no answer. Sister Olsen and I talked about how we both felt like there was someone we needed to talk to in the building we were at. We looked at the klingels and then looked at each other, there were 8 floors to that apartment building and each floor had 6 names. We didn't know where to start, so we said a prayer. After a while we asked ourselves if we knew who we needed to klingel. We didn't. After a little more thinking we decided to pray again, but this time we asked which floor the person we needed to talk to lived on. After saying a couple more prayers, we decided to point to the floor we thought was were God wanted us to g…