Mi mejor amigo

This week was insane. We got transfer calls and Sister Olsen and I will be staying for another transfer!! We're so excited to continue working in Dresden. We're seeing a lot of progress and our eyes are opened to miracles every day. 

This week my best friend has been the Holy Ghost. With the change of a new mission President, there has been a huge emphasis on learning to identify the​ voice ​of God in our daily li​ves​. We all have heard about the Holy Ghost at one point or another in our lives. It hasn't been until being on a mission that I've understood who he is. The Holy Ghost is a spirit who testifies of truths to us. He guides us to what is good, and warns us of what can hurt us. He speaks to us in many different ways. For me, he has always been a feeling of warmth and confirmation. Through him I've been able to feel God's love for me. And as you read my weekly emails, I invite each of you to pay attention to how you feel as you read what I share. I know that if you feel a warmth hug like feeling, it is the holy ghost telling you what I say is true.

With this new transfer, I've been given a new calling. I'm now our mission's Spanish group leader. We aren't quite sure what will be happening with the language groups within our mission but until a decision is made, I'll be the group leader. 

So far I've brought up two points, the Holy Ghost and Spanish. There's a reason for this. 

This week has been a week that I've been (in a wa​y) waiting for since I've received my mission call. The day I opened my mission call I had two emotions and some thoughts going through my head. The first being love. Upon reading the country and mission I'd be serving in, I felt so much love for people I hadn't met. Within a couple minutes that turned into fear and doubts. I couldn't leave the chair I was sitting in from the shock I was in. The first thing I asked myself was if I really could fulfill my calling. Leading up to my departure I was excited, but I couldn't understand why I was going to Germany. Being in the MTC just made me question this even more. 

My time in the MTC was amazing, but it was tough. I felt so alone. There was one day in particular that was unbelievably rough, unlike all the other days. We were probably on our second week and I just wasn't understanding German at all. I kept asking God why in the world he'd send me to a place where I didn't know the culture or the language, when he could have sent me to central or south America. As I have been serving my mission it has been touching to see how God's divine hand has been leading me to his perfect plan for me, if I so choose to follow it. This past week has been such a tender mercy for me to see why my Heavenly Father called me to serve across the deep blue sea. 

Earlier this week, we had just finished studying at the Mensa (which is basically a college campus cafeteria). It was pouring outside, and we were waiting for our bus. As we were waiting for our bus, I noticed this man. Upon laying my eyes on him I knew I needed to speak to him because he could speak Spanish. Our bus came, and I knew I needed to get on the bus with Sister Olsen, so I did. The bus was CROWDED. We rode it to the end station and at some point a seat was free so I decided to sit down. As I was in the middle of sitting down, I noticed the man again. I thought to myself, "huh... he's still on the bus." He was facing the opposite direction, and couldn't see me at all... so I literally stared at him for what was probably THE longest time. My gut, or rather the Holy Ghost kept telling me he spoke Spanish. Well, we got to the end station and had to walk across the street to catch our connecting straßebahn, and the man got off too. I thought to myself, "Alright.... this is it. You're going to speak to him right as he passes you." ​Well, ​he passed me and I totally didn't speak to him. As we continued to walk, I just stared at the man walking in front of us. I kept thinking to myself, "You're insane. You don't even know if he speaks Spanish.. For all you know he speaks Persian or Arabic." He ended up stopping at the stop where we needed to be. All the sudden I found myself walking toward him (Sister Olsen was completely out of the box until this point haha, this is everything that went through my head). I signaled my hand toward him and asked him, 'Entschuldigung, Darf ich Ihnen fragen, sind Sie ein Deutscher?' (Excuse me, may I ask you, are you a german?) The man replied, 'Nein' (No). I asked him, 'Darf ich Ihnen fragen, woher kommen Sie?' (May I ask you where do you come from?' He said, 'Aus Colombian' (from Colombia). 

My mouth figuratively dropped. We immediately began to speak in Spanish and as we continued to get on the bahn, we talked about why he is in Germany and why I am here. That was by far one of my favorite experiences since being on a mission. This week we also received a Spanish referral from the Elders in Berlin. I don't know if the language programs will be kept, but I am so excited to see what unfolds with the Spanish program.

​I know God has a plan for each and every one of us, we just have to be patient and faithful until that understanding comes. Since my time serving in Hamburg, I've always joked that God didn't call me to serve in Germany to serve a German speaking mission, but to serve a Spanish speaking one. I know that to be true.

Amo el tiempo que tengo para servir a Dios. Lo mejor que pueden hacer en esta vida es llegar a conocerlo a él. Les prometo que al hacer eso, comprenderán que realmente son hijos de un Dios. 

Con mucho amor, 

Hermana Quintana

On my spare time I chase cats. I saw three this week!