Wunder Woche

Wow it feels like it's been forever. I send my apologies for not having written last week, but my goodness this past week and a couple days were amazing. We lived so many Wunders it's crazy-- I'll just share my favorite one.

We've been going by on a lot of people lately. We were actually going by on a contact and we klingeled him but got no answer. Sister Olsen and I talked about how we both felt like there was someone we needed to talk to in the building we were at. We looked at the klingels and then looked at each other, there were 8 floors to that apartment building and each floor had 6 names. We didn't know where to start, so we said a prayer. After a while we asked ourselves if we knew who we needed to klingel. We didn't. After a little more thinking we decided to pray again, but this time we asked which floor the person we needed to talk to lived on. After saying a couple more prayers, we decided to point to the floor we thought was were God wanted us to go. We counted down to three and pointed. I pointed to the 6th floor and Sister Olsen pointed to the 5th floor. We both stared at each other in awe haha. We were running out of time since we had to head to an appointment. We decided to work with what we had so we started klingeling by inspiration. I klingeled a person on the 5th floor but they weren't interested. Sister Olsen klingeled a person from the 6th floor and they let us in! We got into the elevator (note elevators here are rare) and said yet another prayer to know what to say. We got to the door, and as the door is opening I see the person behind it and I was in shock. It was a member from our ward. Sister Olsen and our member were so confused, I was so mind blown. I didn't know this member lived there, and Sister Olsen didn't even know the member. God heard our prayer. He sent us to the person who was willing to hear our message, even if it was just a member.

This week was probably one of my favorite weeks on my mission. I know there is a God. I know he hears our silent prayers. I know exerting faith is a daily trial but it's more than rewarding. I know He lives.

Alles Liebe,

Sister Quintana 
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