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Die Quelle der Freude

Well this week was full of changes and Spanish. For some reason every day this week we met someone who's mother tongue is Spanish or we taught someone in Spanish. It was awesome to see how the Lord has lead us to his prepared children this entire transfer.
This past weekend I was released from my calling as the Spanish group leader. It has been decided by the general authorities that all of the language programs except for those with missionaries called to speak those languages as their mission language will be discontinued-- the remaining groups are Farsi, Turkish, and Chinese. Within these past 6 weeks I have grown to love my mother tongue in a way I had not before. I have seen miracles happen within my mission and the Spanish speakers living here, as well as with the missionaries who decided to learn Spanish as their second mission language. These 6 weeks were short but so much was accomplished. There may no longer be a Spanish group, but the work within the Spanish language i…

The power of the Book of Mormon

Yesterday was the best Sunday ever. A couple weeks ago we stopped a blind man to speak to him. After noticing his accent, I asked him where he was from and he said he was from Cuba. He was waiting for his wife to get off of work, so we talked to him while he waited. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and who we are as missionaries. His wife joined us in the middle of us testifying of the Book of Mormon being the word of God. We asked if we could exchange contact information and they said it was more than alright and that we could stop by their home anytime.
Last week, Sister Olsen and I had a feeling that we needed to visit Alejandrina and Anache. We went as soon as we were able to, which turned out to be around 17. We got to the apartment door and we both did not expect them to be home, but we klingeled anyway. They answered the klingel and after a long pause they let us in. We continued to teach them about the Book of Mormon, where it comes from, and why we have it. We left the…

Believe only

One of my favorite stories from the life of Jesus Christ is when Jairus comes to him. Jairus was a ruler of the synagogue, and his daughter was on the verge of death. He came to Jesus and fell on his feet, and besought him to heal his only daughter. In the book of Mark we read that Jesus went with Jairus. On the way to Jairus' home, a woman who suffered from hemorrhage touched the Master's garment. Knowing virtue had left from him, Jesus stopped walking. The woman presented herself to the Master out of fear. Jesus then proceeded to tell her to leave in peace; her faith made her whole. As Jairus and Jesus were about to continue on their way, another ruler of the synagogue's house came and said Jairus' daughter had died, and there was no longer a purpose to bother the Master anymore. Upon hearing that, Jesus commanded them to "be not afraid, believe only" (Mark 5:36) As we know, Jesus went forward and raised her from the dead.

To fear not and to believe is a co…

1/2 way there

Where has the time gone? I will be hitting my 9 month mark this Wednesday and   it is honestly the most unbelievable thing ever. 
Since being on a mission, I have learned so many things. My relationship with God has grown immensely within these past 9 months, which in other circumstances would have taken years to develop. I would say I am pretty honest in my emails home, serving a mission is tough. I have been tried in ways that I know were divinely designed for me so that I can grow. Facing trials and understanding them is tough, but learning to trust God and learning to turn to Him in every aspect of life is precious.
As I have been serving in Germany, my testimony of God having a plan for all of his children has only grown stronger. Every day we are on God's errand. Every day we talk to people we do not know in a language we do not know-- that is a miracle within itself. We ask them if they believe in God and that he is their Father, what they believe the purpose of life is, w…