1/2 way there

Where has the time gone? I will be hitting my 9 month mark this Wednesday and  
it is honestly the most unbelievable thing ever. 

Since being on a mission, I have learned so many things. My relationship with God has grown immensely within these past 9 months, which in other circumstances would have taken years to develop. I would say I am pretty honest in my emails home, serving a mission is tough. I have been tried in ways that I know were divinely designed for me so that I can grow. Facing trials and understanding them is tough, but learning to trust God and learning to turn to Him in every aspect of life is precious.

As I have been serving in Germany, my testimony of God having a plan for all of his children has only grown stronger. Every day we are on God's errand. Every day we talk to people we do not know in a language we do not know-- that is a miracle within itself. We ask them if they believe in God and that he is their Father, what they believe the purpose of life is, why we experience such trialing times, and if they believe in a life after death. The responses we receive are like a reaction ball, we never know what to expect. We have had a wide spectrum of responses, but every single time we are able to testify of the truths within the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Every day we invite people to meet with us, to learn more about who God is and the plan He has for all of us. Every day we face rejection, but then there is that one person who is touched by the promptings of the Holy Ghost and accepts our invitation. They make all the hard work, doubts, trials, and sacrifice worth it.

We meet with people of various cultures, ages, religions, and backgrounds; each one has their own story. Although we are all different, the light of Christ does not fail to shine within their eyes every single time we teach them of the eternal truths Christ brought to the earth. As we teach them of their divine worth as a child of God, the plan that God has for them if they choose it, and the blessings waiting for them on the other side of the veil, I see their eyes change. They transform into someone who knows where they come from, why they are here, and where they are going. I am seeing people's lives be changed as they come to know God in a way they have not before. That is most precious thing to ever see, and it makes every minute of this year and a half journey worth it.

I am a bit melancholic to think my time here is only getting shorter, but I have nothing to be sad about. I am proud of everything I have done, and will continue to do. Yes I am exhausted, but boy I cannot wait to continue giving it my all.

Ich weiß, dass er lebt. Das Sühnopfer Jesu Christi ist für uns. Er hat für uns gelitten, also müssen wir keinen Schmerz fühlen. Er macht alles rein und perfekt. Er ist meine Hoffnung und mein Glaube. Er trägt mich, wenn ich nicht mehr gehen kann, und er wird dasselbe für dich tun.

Alles liebe,

Sister Quintana
Started in Hamburg, sent to Dresden... I'm liking God's 'big city' plan for me (: