He knows me better

This week I studied the definition of having faith in Jesus Christ. This was done in preparation for a talk I gave in church yesterday, but I know God wanted to teach me through my preparation. I think the biggest thing I've learned on my mission is that Heavenly Father knows each of his children personally. And boy have I had many moments when he's told me so through other people.

As I prepared to write my talk, it didn't take me long to realize I was guided to the topic of faith, repentance, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ because I needed to remind myself of them. Serving a mission has been one of the most humbling experiences of my life because of my constant reliance of God. As a missionary it doesn't take too long to realize that you need Him. For the success and progress of your friends, your area, your companion, your family at home, for yourself. You need him. Its as simple as that. You have no control over anything, but the most essential thing you do have control over is your relationship with God.

All of my faith building moments have been when I've felt abandoned and lost, not knowing how I'd be able to keep going. God is our Father in Heaven. He doesn't just leave us alone to fend for ourselves. Instead, he carries us.

It doesn't matter what we have or haven't done. It doesn't matter if we've always believed in him or not. It doesn't matter if we've turned away from him or not. Because God is perfect, so is his love for us. His love is infinite and perfect.

He knew we would all make mistakes. He knew we would all experience failure, sadness, illness, loss, pain, and so much more. He knew at some point or another, we'd want to come unto him. So he gave us Jesus Christ to be able to relate to us, but even better... Christ is able to take the darkness away from us and turn it into light. He replaces the sorrow with happiness. And that applies to everyone. We sometimes grow up with that knowledge, but we forget that it applies to us too.

Quit trying to do things on your own. Your Father in heaven knows you better than you know yourself, go to him. Believe in Him. Be patient and hopeful. Don't give up. I promise you he will catch you, he's caught me every single time.

Ich hab euch lieb,

Sister Quintana 
Let the weeks of rain begin