Flu shots & sugar

We not only had our zone conference this past week, but we also all got flu shots! I was not excited at all, but I lived. I'm grateful our Mission President and his wife care to make sure we are all healthy for the upcoming winter!

Within my first weeks here, we felt we needed to try and go by on a member of ours. So we went and klingeled his apartment and out came Manuel (who was not our member). We had a lot of time, and we asked him if we could teach him the lesson we had planned to teach our member. He thought about it and then said to wait, so he went back inside the building and came out and said he had locked himself out on accident; therefore, he had time to meet with us. And that's the beginning with our friend!

Within the second week of coming, he came to visit our church! And the best part of it all was that the member from Ghana we were looking for that day ended up coming to church!!! And he was late, but when he came in, he sat right next to our friend. It was a beautiful sight to see, and I was even more stoked when they talked in Twi together! Our friend got up to go to the bathroom and our member turned to us and had the biggest smile and said,  "Sisters, did you know he's from Ghana too?" And it just kept getting better. We left to go to the bathroom and when we came back another member of ours was already translating for our 2 brothers from Ghana.

Fast forward to last week. We met with our friend in Subway because we decided to get him a cookie since he's most likely leaving Flensburg soon. He had his first cookie ever and ended up liking it! As we were talking about the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration movie we had asked him to watch, we got into the topic of God's perfect timing.

Our friend has only been here for 8 months and is trying to build a life for himself. He had a pretty good life in the city He was living in before. He came to Flensburg looking for an opportunity to learn German and find a job to get his career started. It has been really, really challenging for him. We were talking about his previous life and where he is now. He pulled out his phone and showed us pictures of what restaurants he'd eat at and said money had never determined where he'd eat until now. We asked him had he met the missionaries in that point of his life, would he have listened to them and met with them. He chuckled and without hesitation said no. We then told him we know it wasn't a coincidence that we met him here in Flensburg. In fact, we told him that God sent him here and gave him the trials he's had so that he would find us, and we could find him. We told him He needed to come to Flensburg to be humbled enough to listen to what God was trying to tell him. And he did. He listened to us the day we met him, and he's opened his heart to learning more. As we kept talking, he told us he looks at old pictures of himself and says he doesn't recognize himself. We told him He was right, and that he looks much happier. We then promised him that if he continues to put God first, God would make all his dreams come true.

I learned a lot that night sitting in Subway, drinking fanta, and eating cookies. I saw myself in our friend. And I was so touched by the fact that Heavenly Father allowed me gain a better understanding of the why behind what He gives us in life. I know everything He sends our way is for our own good. And I know when things get challenging, He sends angels to help us to keep going.

I am so grateful God loves me enough to humble me, like he did with our friend.

Bis später,

Sister Quintana  
Round 1 of sugar anyone?