The sweetness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Well, all the Christmas stuff is coming out... And I could not be more excited. We have begun planning for our Christmas initiative and I'm looking forward to it haha. Time is flying by very quickly. I cannot fathom the idea that it's almost been a year since I left home for the sweet work of the Lord in this beautiful country and culture.

This week we had a council with other missionaries in areas around ours and I learned a lot from it. One of the Elders shared an analogy about being in the army. He said that as a solider in the army, they are asked to carry 100+ pound rucksacks on their backs. He said that the best soldiers are able to carry their rucksack and run, crawl, climb, etc. He then continued to say that regardless of how strong the soldier was, every soldier never hesitated to take off their rucksack the minute they are required not to carry it. He then told us that as soldiers in the army of God, we need to take off our rucksacks too. Christ suffered the pains of our sins and afflictions and even died for us, so that we do not have to carry them on our backs. The most joy we will ever feel in this life will result from us allowing Christ to carry our rucksacks for us. It's as simple as recognizing what we've done wasn't the best, repenting or asking God for forgiveness and doing what we can do as reconciliation, and walking away. As I've been studying in the Book of Mormon this past week, the following has continuously popped out to me,  "Come unto me all ye ends of the earth, buy milk and honey, without money and without price" (2 Nephi 26:25). Christ invites all to come unto him. Regardless of fault, sin, health, race, economics, gender, etc. He invites all to come unto him and partake of the sweetness he has to give. There is no price to tasting the sweet relief, comfort, and love he has to offer because he already paid for it.

Alles Liebe, 

Sister Quintana
When the Christmas stuff is out and sharing the gospel is even more special