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Bright Lights

Today has been just a crazy day. From being notified my instagram account was hacked to realizing we forgot something in our apartment. Deep breath. All is well now.
This week has been the beginning of greatness here in Flensburg. Sister Vreugdenhil and I have big plans for Flensburg. Oh yeah, we ended up staying for this next transfer. We'll be asked how long we have been here and Sister Vreugdenhil will look at me and I'll look right back at her and say, ''You were here before me haha.''
We have our Light the World campaign this coming month! And let me just say, we are PUMPED. Flensburg is going to be LIT like a light bulb the entire month long. Well, at least that's our plan. Considering we're still in November and we're already confronting challenges, we know it won't be easy but it will totally be worth it.
With the many things we've had to face, I can't help but think of the Standard of Truth prophesied by Joseph Smith, ''The…


Hello! I don't have much time to write, but I thought I would share an awesome miracle we had yesterday. This week has been really tough for us. Yesterday had a very rough start to our day. We walked into our sacrament meeting and were not doing so good. As the sacrament was being passed, we noticed a man we didn't know. He was too far away for us to talk to him so we waited until the meeting was over. We went over and found out quickly he doesn't speak much German. His mother tongue is Portuguese and with the help of God we were able to communicate with him through a Spanish-Portuguese combination (That itself was a tender mercy because since being on my mission I have spoken with Italians without having a problem, but I have always struggled with Portuguese). As we spoke with him and asked him who he was, we found out he was a visitor. He told us he has been in Germany for about 2 years now and is looking for a christian church to attend with his family. He said he went …


Well, I completely failed last week. You'd think that after being in Germany for a year, I'd know how to spell brötchen correctly-- especially since they're my favorite haha. You live and you learn!
This past week we went to serve in our local Tafel, which is basically a fresh food and hot meal service place for people living under social services. We were put in the fresh fruit section, I was to give out pineapples. Since the Tafel hadn't received much, or at least initially they didn't, I was asked to limit distribution to families of 3 or more. There were probably 200 people that came throughout the 3 hours we were there. Within that time, not a lot of families that qualified to receive a pineapple wanted one. They wanted lemons, blueberries, raspberries, and grapes. They really wanted grapes. As they got to me, many of the people said they didn't want one. And then there were many individuals or families of 2 that really wanted a pineapple and it tore me to …

One year later

This past week was quite a revelatory week for me.
I'm coming up on my year mark this week, and "coincidentally" enough this past week I was on exchanges with our Sister training leaders in the area that I was trained in. On Tuesday, we got on a train and headed to Hamburg for the next 24 hours. We pulled into the train station and it felt like I had never left. Things just continued to get even stranger from there! We took the U-bahn back to the apartment where I used to live. I spent the day with one of the Sisters there and we went by on a Spanish member from the congregation I served in for the time I was in Hamburg. It was amazing to be able to see her again, and within 5 minutes I found out that I'm losing my Spanish quite rapidly... yikes.
The biggest miracle that happened while I was back in Hamburg was that we came in contact with a man that was baptized in another area of Hamburg (that area now belongs to the area where the Sisters are serving). I remember m…