Well, I completely failed last week. You'd think that after being in Germany for a year, I'd know how to spell brötchen correctly-- especially since they're my favorite haha. You live and you learn!

This past week we went to serve in our local Tafel, which is basically a fresh food and hot meal service place for people living under social services. We were put in the fresh fruit section, I was to give out pineapples. Since the Tafel hadn't received much, or at least initially they didn't, I was asked to limit distribution to families of 3 or more. There were probably 200 people that came throughout the 3 hours we were there. Within that time, not a lot of families that qualified to receive a pineapple wanted one. They wanted lemons, blueberries, raspberries, and grapes. They really wanted grapes. As they got to me, many of the people said they didn't want one. And then there were many individuals or families of 2 that really wanted a pineapple and it tore me to have to tell them they couldn't. After an hour or so, it turned out there were plenty of pineapples so I started to give them out to anyone that really, truly, desired one.

As I stood there, all I could think was "Mensch (People), you can have a sweet, juicy pineapple but you don't want it because you're so focused on the other fruits that won't last as long as a pineapple." And then it hit me. How I felt was a small portion of how Jesus Christ felt.

Jesus Christ and his fellow servants (prophets and apostles) spent their lives trying to give precious knowledge of truth of a living God and his plan of happiness to everyone. Unlike my experience giving out pineapples, everyone qualifies for the knowledge and love Christ has to offer. In the same way, everyone qualifies for the healing powers of Christ through his suffering in the garden of Gethsemane and on the cross. Even more touching, everyone qualifies for a life after death because Christ died and rose from the dead.

Christ's invitation to come unto him still stands clearly today as it did when he was on the earth. In the words of Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "If you are not a member of the Church, I invite you to “come and see.” Come and join with us. If you are a member of the Church but presently not participating actively, I invite you: please come back. We need you! Come, add your strengths to ours. Because of your unique talents, abilities, and personality, you will help us become better and happier. In return, we will help you become better and happier as well. Come, help us build and strengthen a culture of healing, kindness, and mercy toward all of God’s children... Let me invite you again. Come and see. Join with us. We need you" (Believe, love, do).

The gospel of Jesus Christ isn't one defined to family size, financial status, pureness, perfection, health, etc. Everyone qualifies for its blessings; however, just like my experience, you have to want it. Christ invites all to come unto him. And how grateful am I to know the love He offers is the sweetest and purest of all. I know there is a treasure far more sweeter than a pineapple. Discover it.

Alles Liebe,

Sister Quintana 
I love walking in Germany, every day is literally an adventure. We just can't cross into Denmark haha