Hello! I don't have much time to write, but I thought I would share an awesome miracle we had yesterday. This week has been really tough for us. Yesterday had a very rough start to our day. We walked into our sacrament meeting and were not doing so good. As the sacrament was being passed, we noticed a man we didn't know. He was too far away for us to talk to him so we waited until the meeting was over. We went over and found out quickly he doesn't speak much German. His mother tongue is Portuguese and with the help of God we were able to communicate with him through a Spanish-Portuguese combination (That itself was a tender mercy because since being on my mission I have spoken with Italians without having a problem, but I have always struggled with Portuguese). As we spoke with him and asked him who he was, we found out he was a visitor. He told us he has been in Germany for about 2 years now and is looking for a christian church to attend with his family. He said he went to google maps and searched churches and then he found ours. So he decided to visit it. We continued to talk with him and we asked him how he felt as a first time visitor. He said that before coming to our service he had gotten into an argument with his wife and as he left their home he had taken his wedding ring off. Yesterday the kids in our congregation had a presentation where they sang some songs and shared small messages. He said that throughout the service he felt so much peace and love. He said from the German he was able to understand, he knew his family is the most important thing in his life. He then proceeded to take out his wedding ring and put it back on in front of us. That moment right there made the extremely rough morning for us worth it. It made me feel and know that after the rain, there's always a rainbow. 

Alles Liebe, 

Sister Quintana
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