It's December?

I can't believe time is flying by. We have begun our Light the World initiative here in Flensburg, and let me just say it has been quite stressful. However, it has been so touching for me to see how Sister Vreugdenhil and I are being blessed for our efforts.

We have been crazy busy with our plans and it has been challenging. A few tears have been shed here and there. Some chocolate has been eaten, okay a lot of chocolate. And many sprints to the bus stops have been sprinted. And here's the thing, it's only been 3 days of December.

Within this past week, prayer has taken a whole new meaning for me. This week was rough and I don't think I had ever come close to wanting to give up as I did this week. We're giving it our all and somehow we always get thrown curve balls. With all the things that we've confronted, I've learned that God is God and he doesn't just abandon us. I have asked myself many times this week how things are going to work out with the plans we have for Flensburg this holiday season, because it all seems impossible. And then I remember the day we broke down and decided to open the Book of Mormon and ask God what he wanted us to focus on for this transfer.

In the midst of our stress, we asked God if our plans were right and how we would be able to accomplish everything we wanted to. We opened the Book of Mormon to a random page and we ended up in Ether. The record found in chapters 2 and 3 is one of my favorites and the response we both found was humbling.

''For behold, ye shall be as a whale in the midst of the sea; for the mountain waves shall dash upon you. Nevertheless, I will bring you up again out of the depths of the sea'' (Ether 2:24)

I have no clue how this month is going to end up unfolding, and I'm stressed, and tired, and want to cry but don't have time to. However, I know God doesn't make promises without keeping them. And I know he will always prepare a way for his children.

Alles Liebe,

Sister Quintana
We totally look like missionaries that served here in 1990's haha