The power of love

We experienced a huge miracle this past week. We were given 20€ by our Mission President to serve someone as a companionship. We prayed a lot about how we could use the money and for whom. We felt we needed to buy flowers for 2 of our members. One of these members is a less active member in our branch, who we had never contacted before. Nevertheless, her name popped into our head. We asked the other member (we had given flowers to) to come with us. We were quite scared going into this, primarily because this sister had said she didn't want much to do with the church. However, we also knew God wouldn't lead us astray because we were acting on His prompting. We klingeled and made our way up to the last floor. We looked up at the stairs ahead us and saw a woman looking down at us. She was not happy. She let us in, but she was not happy. We told her we brought a member with us and that she was still going up the stairs. That made her even more unhappy. We all went into her apartment and sat down and the first thing she asked us was what we wanted from her. We told her we didn't want anything from her but that we wanted to bring her flowers and let her know that we love her. Somehow, that also made her unhappy. I have no clue how long we were there but in the time that we were, I could feel her pain and her sorrow. We listened and boy was she hurt and upset. I was scared, Sister Vreugdenhil was cringing every time I asked a bold question, and we were sure our member was also feeling how we were. But we kept listening and acting on the spiritual promptings we were being given. We were in an impossible situation and by the end of the time we spent there with this sister, she invited us to come back again.

The only reason this impossible situation ended the way it did was due to the fact that we didn't give up loving her. For many years she had been alone and hurt, and God heard her prayers and led us to her that day to testify to her that we love her. I have experienced that love makes the difference in everything. It might not be perfect love, but God takes a willing heart and makes it more than enough. 

Ich hab euch sehr lieb,

Sister Quintana 
Curry wurst