Was für ein Leben

Boy do I have news to share!

We received a call from the assistants to our Mission President this past Tuesday, this is how our conversation went:

Elder: Hi Flensburg Sisters, how are you doing?
Us: We're doing good, thank you. How are you doing? 
Elders: We're doing good too
Us: That's awesome to hear! What can we do for you?
Elders: Well Sisters, are you ready for your transfer call?
Us: You're lying 
Elders: No Sisters, we are not *Insert laugh*

And indeed it was not a lie. Sister Vreugdenhil and I have been transferred out of Flensburg. Our time in Flensburg and together has reached its end. Sister Vreugdenhil is going to the Hannover area to be with a Sister whose companion is going home, and I'm on a train headed to Neubrandenburg-- in the Berlin area. 

Within these past 10 weeks about 30 Sisters have finished their missions and reported home. Crazy.

This past week was filled with preparations to leave. My entire mission I have been praying to be able to witness someone be born of God. I thought God would answer my prayers through someone we met on the street and were teaching. That wasn't the case. We had been reteaching a member of the Church of Jesus Christ these last 3 weeks. With these past 3 weeks I have witnessed this man be born of God. It has been such a touching experience. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is meant for everyone. I know the Book of Mormon is the key to experience a spiritual rebirth. I know it contains the fullness of the teachings of Christ and that together with the bible, it is a perfect testimony that Jesus is the Christ.

Well, until next week!

Liebe Grüße,

Sister Quintana

My mission has taught me many things, among them is that of travelling effectively (: