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Let the Holy Spirit be your guide

Hello meine Lieben,
It has been quite a week! We traveled twice to Berlin within 3 days of each other. Our conference with our Mission President was amazing. The main emphasis has continued to be on following our spiritual promptings and having the courage to do so. As humans we tend to feel abandoned or alone at one point or another, but the beauty of knowing why we're here on earth replaces fear and worries with peace and comfort. Some time our eyes will be opened to the realities of God, and we will experience that we have never been alone. This is all possible through the Holy Ghost, the spirit given to us by God to be able to manifest His love and personal messages to us in ways we will only understand.
Following spiritual promptings has been one of my favorite things to do while serving. One week, Sister Jensen and I saw these two men walking and felt a strong impression that we needed to turn the car around and talk to them. We were worried about the things we needed to do to…

His Name

Hello my beloved friends and family! These past couple weeks have been amazing. Sister Jensen and I have been seen a lot of miracles popping up every second.
We met with a less active sister from our branch a couple weeks ago and it was such a great experience. I had heard about previous experiences with her and I was a little frightened going into the appointment, but her heart was touched the entire time. We got to know her on a personal level that the missionaries were not able to do before! She even gave us African names.
This past week was a little slower than the one before, but we have grown closer to God because of it. The things we pray for has changed and our determination to accomplish His will for the day just grows stronger. It's been a bit frustrating in the mornings though since we will be trying to plan for our day and nothing will come into our mind. However, once we get to the part of our day when we had no idea as to where we needed to be, what we needed to be doi…

The woman on the bench

I think my favorite miracle of this week happened yesterday. We were on our way home after our church meetings and we were biking through the park. There's a steep bridge were all bikers are asked to get off and walk up of it. As we were approaching this bridge, we looked to our side and the sun just looked so beautiful as it reflected on the water. We decided to stop and take a quick picture. Well as we were doing so, I noticed this woman sitting on a bench by the water (little did I know that Sister Jensen had noticed her too). There was just something about this woman that I couldn't let go of. We started to head on our way as we once were. This woman was getting up and walking toward the path we were about to leave. I just kept looking at her and she was looking at me back. There was just something in her eyes I couldn't let go of. However, Sister Jensen was getting further and further away and I knew I needed to catch up to her. The distance was pretty long enough to …