The woman on the bench

I think my favorite miracle of this week happened yesterday. We were on our way home after our church meetings and we were biking through the park. There's a steep bridge were all bikers are asked to get off and walk up of it. As we were approaching this bridge, we looked to our side and the sun just looked so beautiful as it reflected on the water. We decided to stop and take a quick picture. Well as we were doing so, I noticed this woman sitting on a bench by the water (little did I know that Sister Jensen had noticed her too). There was just something about this woman that I couldn't let go of. We started to head on our way as we once were. This woman was getting up and walking toward the path we were about to leave. I just kept looking at her and she was looking at me back. There was just something in her eyes I couldn't let go of. However, Sister Jensen was getting further and further away and I knew I needed to catch up to her. The distance was pretty long enough to not successfully yell her name out. I was praying in my head that she would turn back and see that I wasn't close by her. And she did! She headed back and I told her we needed to find this woman. We biked back and went down the path where I had last seen her. We get closer to her and we talk about what we could say. In the end we both didn't have a clue, but we stopped her anyway. I started to talk to her and I have never said this before while on my mission, but I said something along the lines of "This is going to sound very strange but we saw you sitting on the bench by the water, and we both feel that we need to speak with you." Well, we continue to talk to this woman and find out she has meet with the missionaries before, like 30 years ago. She said that she has noticed us to, but saw that we were going on our way and just said to herself that if we talked to her then it was meant to be, but if we chose to leave... then she would continue to walk her own way too. I am so grateful that we choose to go back for this woman. I've learned many times on my mission that every effort really does count. God works in the most small and simplest of ways.

Our week was filled with miracles like this one this past week. And as I continue to serve and study about Christ, my heart just rejoices in knowing this is right where I need to be.


Sister Quintana 
This is where we met the woman (: