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Hermana Quintana

Hello! I cannot believe that it has already been a little over a week since this transition to be a service missionary. I still don't have an official assignment, but the ball is rolling on that. For the time being I have been working with the spanish program sisters here in the area and that has been fun! I have had 6 companions and 3 areas I've been helping out in. It is different than what I am used to due to the cultural differences, but it's good. I do miss Germany though. I will always be a German on the inside haha.

I think the biggest thing I am grateful for this past week is that through all the changes, the miracles do not stop. I remember one night with one on set of my companions we were knocking on doors and this one window stood out to me. As we were approaching the building we talked to a latino man and exchanged information and found out this same window was where he lives. That was pretty neat and helped me find more comfort in knowing that God does have a…

Dir gehört mein Herz für immer

Hallo meine geliebte Familie und Freunde,

I apologize for not having written earlier. Things have been quite hectic on my end of things. Some of you may or may not be aware of this already, but I am home. As I write I pray that you will feel the same spirit I felt as everything has been occurring in my life. I know at some points you will feel it stronger than others, you will think "why am I getting emotional?" well, you are not. That is the Spirit of God telling you what I am sharing is true. Remember and hold onto that.

I should probably start by clarifying that I am perfectly healthy. If you have been following my mission, you will know that I love my mission. I do not think I have ever loved something and a people more than I have met throughout these past 15 months. That has not changed and will always be in my heart. That being said, as weeks continued to go by in Neubrandenburg I could not help but feel uneasiness. I could not understand it because I love Sister Jens…

Bees and tulips

This week has been filled with miracle after miracle after miracle. Yesterday we found 3 people to teach within 2 minutes of one another, it was amazing! This transfer Sister Jensen and I have been striving to follow Christ in a way we have not done before. We have really been stretching our spiritual capacities and relying heavily on the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide us to the exact place where we need to be. And we always have been.
Apart from having teaching appointments suddenly fill our week, the most touching miracle this week involves a member who we are reteaching. She is a warrior and is trying to follow the footsteps of Christ. We knew we had to teach her in a way that she would be able to understand, so we prepared to teach her as if we were teaching a child. We had no clue how we would transition from small talk to a doctrinal lesson, but the precious thing about  teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is that the Holy Ghost will always guide you to what you can say or do. S…