Bees and tulips

This week has been filled with miracle after miracle after miracle. Yesterday we found 3 people to teach within 2 minutes of one another, it was amazing! This transfer Sister Jensen and I have been striving to follow Christ in a way we have not done before. We have really been stretching our spiritual capacities and relying heavily on the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide us to the exact place where we need to be. And we always have been.

Apart from having teaching appointments suddenly fill our week, the most touching miracle this week involves a member who we are reteaching. She is a warrior and is trying to follow the footsteps of Christ. We knew we had to teach her in a way that she would be able to understand, so we prepared to teach her as if we were teaching a child. We had no clue how we would transition from small talk to a doctrinal lesson, but the precious thing about  teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is that the Holy Ghost will always guide you to what you can say or do. Somehow bees came up in our conversation and Sister Jensen and I just smiled at each other because we knew that was our invitation into the discussion we were wanting to have. We spoke about how bees are really small and seem unimportant. However, that is not the case. Without bees we would lose a lot of things to this life, and we surely would not be able to savor the sweet honey they make. Bees also don't work alone. They all have different assignments that contribute to one big cause. After talking about this, we asked her who she thought the bee was. After some silence we helped her realize that she, and I, and all of humanity are like bees.

Alma 37:6 ''But behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass''

God does not work in darkness. He takes the humble and poor in heart to bring about his purposes, for that reason we are all important to him. He needs us all in his cause. When I think of this scripture I think of the restoration of  the Church of Jesus Christ. God took a willing, meek, and humble person and began the restoration of priceless truths lost from earth since the death of Christ and His apostles. I know God called Joseph Smith to be the prophet of the restoration and that Russell M. Nelson is our living prophet today. The thing I love the most about this scripture is that this pattern of taking someone or something small to bring about something greater is seen since the time of Adam and Eve.

Earlier this week we also bought some tulips to give to members we have not been able to visit as regularly as we have wanted to because of distance. Well after making our runs, we had 2 tulips left and they were looking pretty dead. We left them on the counter overnight and in the morning I decided to put them in a cup of water. Sister Jensen and I did not think the water would make a big difference, they had already been deprived of it for so long. Well we went about our day and when we came home for lunch we looked at the 2 tulips and they were standing upright on their own and looked pretty healthy. We were both shocked and proud of the tulips for being resistant and strong.

On Sunday we had the opportunity to hear the testimonies of members here in Neubrandenburg. We were sitting in the front and after hearing a couple testimonies, we hear someone from behind us get up. As we watch the member make her way up we realize quickly that the member we had met with and spoke about the bees with was about to share her testimony with us. Sister Jensen and I could not help but smile at her. She bore her testimony about Christ and how although she is no where near as good as living the gospel as the members that she is still trying her best to follow him, and that she knows he loves her for it. It was such a short testimony but Sister Jensen and I were crying. We had just witnessed our tulip be given water.

We are all tulips in the sense that we need water, and that water is Jesus Christ. He makes the difference in our lives. He gives us the strength to be strong, even when it is challenging. And just like bees, our Father in Heaven needs all of us to love him and follow his son.

Alles Liebe,S

Sister Quintana

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